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About me

The Photo Studio "Fotonia" was born from an idea of Antonio Danced, a young entrepreneur in catania who has decided to put at your service his passion for all that is image.

The images are often connected to memories the most beautiful of our life, and our task is to make your memories indelible in time.

To do this, the study makes use of the most advanced technologies in the field of photography and audiovisual production, so that our work can always be up to your expectations.

From the simple pictures to the most elaborate photo shoot, there we will meet whatever your needs.
We offer a wide range of services, from the most common prints

the realzzazione of gadgets, customizable,

services resume and photos of your most important events,

Weddings, Birthdays, Baptisms, Graduations, and much more.


Do not waste your photographs in bulk in boxes and envelopes. To preserve memories of wonderful will need a container of great value and we will offer you the best album on the market, in materials of great value, to give a better setting to your moments of the heart.

Special solutions for weddings and anniversaries.